|Renewable heat supply in Königsbronn (Germany)

Renewable heat supply in Königsbronn (Germany)


Renewable heat supply in Königsbronn (Germany)

Conception of a renewable heat supply for the district “at the foundry” in the German municipality of Königbronn within the framework of an integrated energy concept

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  • Solar thermal energy
  • Storage
  • Buildings
  • District heating
  • Energy concept


  • Study


  • Public funds


10/2017 – 12/2018 (1 year)




The investigations within this integrated energy concept show project-related possibilities of a heat supply through a heating network in an existing district. A high possible share of renewable energy sources could be reached with a disclaim of biomass.


Municipality of Königsbronn


  • Steinbeis Research Institute Solites
  • Bürger-Energie of the municipality of Königsbronn
  • Martin Lohrmann Energieprojektentwicklung
  • Produr Engineering GmbH
  • Engineering office Sattler
  • Hochschule Aalen
  • Municipality of Königsbronn
  • District Office of Heidenheim


As part of the integrated energy concept for the district of Königsbronn near Heidenheim an der Brenz, it is examined how heat supply to an existing housing estate with the highest possible share of renewable energy sources can be achieved. In addition to the energetic renovation of the buildings, the possible use of local energy sources for building heating and hot water production is considered, which is not accessible to individual buildings alone.

Solar thermal energy and the use of river water heat sources are focussed as energy sources for the heating network. Furthermore, the municipality and the citizens do not want to use a large amount of wood for the heating network, because the possibly available quantities of wood are needed for districts that can not be connected to a heating network.


The determination and quantification of the local renewable energy sources, the development of technical variants and the first sizing of the heat generating systems are developed by TRNSYS simulations. The subsequent economic evaluation of the developed variants led to the target variant. Possible locations for larger solar thermal systems and large heat storage facilities are investigated in parallel to ensure the feasibility of the variants.


The investigations within this integrated energy concept show project-related possibilities of a heat supply with the highest possible share of renewable energy sources that neglect biomass as energy source.

The technical and economical recommended target variant consists of a local heating network with a supply temperature of 75 to 85 ° C and a heat generation, which combine a large solar thermal system, river water sources and two heat pumps with a multi-functional heat storage.

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Dirk Mangold
Michael Klöck

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