SolnetBW II

Solnet.BW – Solar District Heating Networks in Baden-Württemberg


  • Solar thermal energy
  • Storage
  • District heating
  • Market & policy
  • Energy concept


  • Study
  • Consulting
  • Technology transfer
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Pilot project
  • Market development


  • Public funding


04/2017 – 03/2019 (2 years)


about 700.000 EUR


The state of Baden-Württemberg has ambitious goals regarding the energy transition in the heating and cooling sector. In front of this policy framework, the SolnetBW II project aims at an increased use of solar district heating in Baden-Württemberg. In particular, district heating is considered as heat supply infrastructure, which is flexible with regard to the integration of renewable energy sources and other future heat generation technologies.


Funding programme “Trafo BW” of the state of Baden-Württemberg


  • Steinbeis Research Institute Solites (DE)
  • German Heat and Power Association AGFW (DE)
  • Hamburg Institute Research (DE)
  • University of Stuttgart – Institute of Energy Economics and Rational Energy Use (DE)
  • KEA Climate Protection and Energy Agency of Baden-Württemberg (DE)


The project aims at promoting and increasing the use of solar district heating in Baden-Württemberg. It addresses market obstacles and opportunities, for which efficient solutions and instruments are developed and made available to market stakeholders.


In five living labs in Baden-Württemberg, the project partners will cooperate with market stakeholders in order to address following topics:

  • availability of land areas
  • market opportunities for solar district heating with large heat storage and sector coupling technologies
  • solar district heating in the wider energy economics framework
  • initiation and extension of district heating networks as precondition for the integration of large solar thermal plants

In parallel project communication, dissemination and transfer activities are carried out.


The project delivers solutions and instruments for the above listed topics and obstacles. Examples are criteria for ecological area concepts, model contracts for business cases, an online tool for interested stakeholder guiding to the best solar district heating solution and business cases for solar district heating systems with large heat storages. These results will be made available to market stakeholders. Furthermore, communication and information events will be organized.

The Solnet.BW II project aims at promoting and increasing the use of solar district heating in Baden-Württemberg.

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