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Current projects

Current projects

DK Monitoring

2014/06 - 2018/06Monitoring and evaluation of three danish pilot plants for solar district heating with seasonal thermal energy storagePublic funds
Energieeffizienz für Pflegeeinrichtungen

2015/06 - 2018/10Support of energy efficiency in care homes by non- and low-investment measuresPublic funds

2016/01 - 2018/12Advanced policies and market support measures for mobilizing solar district heating investments in European target regions and countries.Public funds

2014/03 - 2017/03The SmartReFlex project aims at increasing the diffusion of smart and flexible district heating and cooling (DHC) grids and systems, basing on high shares of renewable energy sources (RES), in European cities.Public funds

2015/05 - 2018/04Decentralised heat supply from renewable energies into the CHP based district heating network of the Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AGPublic funds

2013/11 - 2017/10PITAGORAS develops concepts for the utilization of industrial waste heat and solar heat for the heat and power supply of the industrial system itself and the additional feed-in of heat in district heating networks.Public funds

2013/06 - 2017/05Participation in the research project EnWiSol of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems in the work package for scientific-technical accompaniment of the pilot plant Gutleutmatten.Public funds

2014/12 - 2016/11SCFW develops an Excel tool based on ScenoCalc for calculation of the solar net gain of solar thermal systems that are integrated into district heating networks.Public funds
Solnet 4.0

2017/08 - 2019/12Solnet 4.0 is a cooperation of industry and research aiming at the market development of solar district heating in Germany.Public funds
Private financing