In Denmark more than 1.3 million square meters of solar collectors are connected to district heating. A map as well as the summary of this success story of solar district heating is now available on a webpage.
In the last 10 years in Denmark, the annual growth in the total collector area has been 42 % in average. Similarly, the average increase in the number of district heating plants with solar heating has been 29 %. A number of plants choose to expand their solar capacity after a few years, and so far 16 plants have increased their existing solar thermal capacity – some even more than once.As always there are some significant uncertainties in the planned development. However, a new version of the agreement between the Danish Energy Agency and the main Danish energy supply companies stating the level of energy savings each sector must realize within a certain timeframe has been adopted in December 2016. In the previous agreement there was a time limit for how long SDH could count as heat savings (2016) but the new version extended this possibility to mid-2019 (though with an upper limit of 8000 MWh), which could boost the number of  installations again.

Source: Planenergi