Projects dealing with district heating and renewable energies can receive funding through several subsidy programs in Thuringia. The funding programs ‘Green Invest’, ‘Solar Invest’ and ‘Klima Invest’ are focused on different aspects and actors.

Within the subsidy program ‘Green Invest’ pilot projects that contribute to a reduction of energy-related CO2-emissions through the implementation of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies with multiplier effect can receive funding. Also studies, as far as they are necessary for the implementation itself or for proving the success of the demonstration project, can receive funding. Beneficiaries may be enterprises.

Investments for implementing new or expanding existing seasonal thermal energy storages can receive funding within the subsidy program ‘Solar Invest’. Beneficiaries may be municipalities and their in-house operations, administration unions, municipal enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, housing cooperatives, energy cooperatives, associations, charitable organizations, foundations and natural persons. There are special conditions for citizen energy cooperatives.

Within the subsidy program ‘Klima Invest’ climate protection concepts dealing with renewable energies and thermal use can receive funding amongst others. Municipalities and municipal associations, administrative districts and administration unions may be beneficiaries.

Target of these measures is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy saving as well as a sustainable energy production and usage in Thuringia.