Under the well-known web address www.solar-district-heating.eu, the partners of the SDHp2m project present a completely renewed information portal for solar district heating. A highlight of the new website is the knowledge database with a lot of sector expertise.

“With the knowledge database, we make available valuable expertise and numerous publications, which we produced in cooperation with national and international partners in more than two decades. It merges the results of the three EU funded SDH projects SDHtake-off, SDHplus and SDHp2m as well as several national projects,” says Thomas Pauschinger from the Steinbeis Research Institute Solites, coordinator of the SDHp2m project. The content of the database extends from information brochures and scientific publications to calculation tools and technical figures for professionals. It is indexed by keywords or can be filtered with full-text search.

The new website is an international and multi-language project with contributions from 25 partners in 13 different countries. Last year an all-time high was reached with 75,000 site visits. “This visitor record is also a clear sign, that the interest in solar district heating is sustainable and steadily increasing,” says Pauschinger, “Used at large-scale, solar thermal is economically feasible, area-efficient and technically mature. This is also the reason, why we find solar thermal as key element in many scientific strategies for the energy transition in Europe.”

With the relaunch, the new website is not only optimized for desktop computers but also easy to use on any mobile device. The relaunch of the website www.solar-district-heating was financed through the Horizon 2020 project SDHp2m and national projects presented on the website.