Ystad Energi was awarded the “Solar prize” for their solar heating plant on Ystad Arena. The plant, with just more than 500 m2 of flat plate collectors, is designed to feed solar heat into Ystad district heating system.

The solar plant on Ystad Arena is connected to the primary district heat distribution system via heat exchangers.  When the solar collectors generate more heat than needed in the Arena, the solar heat will automatically be used in adjacent buildings via the district heating system, in a similar way as electricity is used in a grid-connected solar PV plant. There are already about 25 systems with 200 to 1 000 m2 of solar collectors connected in a similar way during the period from 2000 to 2017.

Svensk Solenergi (Solar Energy Association of Sweden) has awarded good example solar (heat and PV) plants and important achievements in solar energy since 2004.  The plant award 2018 was given to Ystad Energi (municipal DH company) thanks to a new system design with improved controls and performance. The new plant in Ystad is thus an inspiring good example for other building owners and district heating companies.

The Award motivation: ”Solar heating plants can be connected in our district heating systems just like solar PV plants are connected in our electric grids.  The systems have been developed so that the generated solar heat can be used to improve a district heated buildings energy performance (according to EPBD) and /or so that the generated heat can be sold to other district heating customers.  The plant at Ystad Arena, built without financial support, is an excellent example of how solar heat can be used in district heating systems – in a national, as well as an international, context.”

Photo: SavoSolar