About 70 stakeholders attended a seminar and two study visits targeted at solar block heating plants and hosted by Svensk Solenergi and EKSTA, in Kungsbacka, Sweden, within the SDHp2m project.

The participants represented municipal energy advisers, consultants, solar system contractors, municipal housing and district heating companies.  The seminar comprised presentations about the development of SDH in Europe, an IEA study about the available areas for collector arrays in connection to DH cities and recent Swedish feasibility studies.

Furthermore, the new plant at Ystad Arena (2017) was presented before EKSTA (municipal housing company) ended the seminar with their strategy and experiences related to solar heat as an introduction to the study visits: the solar heated residential area in Vallda Heberg (2013) and the new solar heated multifamily buildings connected to district heating in Tölö Ängar (2018).  EKSTA has extensive experience from solar block heating with more than 10 plants with roof integrated solar collectors in combination with wood pellet boilers, the oldest in operation since the 1980’s.

Text and photo: Jan-Olof Dalenbäck