A new video has been created to help the public to distinguish between domestic hot water (DHW) applications and solar district heating (SDH) as well as to understand the existing experience and applicable costs in the sector.

In France, solar thermal is mainly developed for domestic hot water (DHW) of individual or collective residences. Solar thermal implementation in DH networks is not known by the public. A national survey carried out during the first phase of the SDHp2m European project has shown that for a large majority of actors solar thermal is always associated to DHW. For the others, SDH is perceived as an expensive and experimental renewable energy.

During the exchanges with the regional project stakeholders, a particular attention was paid to the need to communicate through elected officials. Indeed, if they are informed upstream of a DH project, they can accelerate and promote the implementation of solar thermal in the future network project, showing a strong political will. Citizen acceptance is also an important aspect to develop.

In order to address these challenges, a guide and a video were created to inform about SDH. The video  includes interviews with different stakeholders from the region (local public authorities, energy managers), working to develop these networks. This type of video is initiated for the first time in France and, as a complement for the guide, it will allow to change the public opinion on solar thermal.

Click here to watch the video.

Source: Mathieu Eberhardt, Auvergne Rhône Alpes Énergie Environnement